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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hard to Soft Soil

Yesterday Sister Francis had some landscapers transplant her "Knock Out" roses from her home to the assisted living facility.  We watched as the men positioned the plants and began digging.  Typical of Texas soil the top layers were literally rock hard.  The men had thin shovels with a rather pointed blade.  It took quite a bit of time--most of the time--to break though the hardened top layer.  Sister asked the men if watering the holes to be dug would help. They replied that soon they would get to softer ground and the digging would be much easier.

The scene reminded me of what the Lord has to do to convert a soul.  He uses the Law to hammer at our hardened hearts convicting us of our need for a Savior.  Once we acknowledge our sinful condition (which we can only do by His saving power).  He replaces our hearts of stone for a heart of flesh.  Once those guys broke through the top layer the rest was fairly easy. They knew the roses would grow best in the softer and deeper soil.

The next step was to plant the rose bushes in the freshly dug holes.  They dug down deep so the roots would go down deep too.  Something much easier in the softer soil. It reminded me of the fruit of the Spirit. The deeper the roots go into the soil the more the fruit and the better its flavor.  In a believer's life the soil is the Spirit of Christ and the deeper we go with Christ the more fruit is revealed.  May we all allow the roots of the Spirit to penetrate our hearts so we yield an even more abundant crop of spiritual fruit.

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