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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Benefits of Quiet Time

I am reading a book called "Feeding Your Soul...A Quiet Time Handbook" by Jean Fleming.  She lists several benefits of quiet time.   Here's her list. Most are self explanatory but Ms. Fleming makes a very biblically sound reasonable approach to the idea of quiet time.

Quiet Time is Your:
  • "Extricating" Place
  • "Renewing" Place
  • "Setting" Place
  • "Identity-Shaping" Place
  • "Remembering" Place
  • "Reason for Existing" Place
  • "Knowing God" Place
  • "Intimacy with God" Place
  • "Building and Molding" Place
  • "Putting Off and Putting On" Place
  • "Food and Fellowship" Place
  • "Listening" Place
  • "Refocusing" Place
  • "Repenting and Rejoicing" Place
  • "Healing" Place
  • "Peace and Perspective" Place
  • "Hope Reviving" Place
  • "Only Sure Relationship" Place
  • "Question Asking" Place
I've confused study time with quiet time far too often.  Quiet time is for the personal interaction with the Lord involving the mind, body, heart and soul. Quiet time ends in intimacy with the Savior.  Study time usually appeals to the mind and ends in knowing more about Him. I've spent many years studying but in all honesty much less time knowing the Savior on a personal basis. There simply is no substitute for that.  Our God is a living God who is willing to fellowship intimately with all who will call on Him.

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