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Friday, March 22, 2013

Crucify or Release Christ

A friend of mine from BSF sent me a packet of sermons written by her father.  The first is entitled "To Crucify or Release."  He lists some ways we can release Christ into the world today.  First, "We can release Christ into our world of strife, by loving as He loved."  Second, "We can release Christ into the life of the church through courage like His own." Third, above all "it is within our own hearts that we crucify Christ or release Him daily.  It is all very well to speak of releasing Him into the world, or releasing Him within the church. But first we must unchain His hands in our own lives."

Our own hearts form the hardest of places to release Christ.  We will either worship the Lord and bring Him glory or we will worship ourselves.  One or the other is on the throne of our hearts at all times.  Unfortunately I've realized that much of the time it's me on the throne and not God.  I am self focused and self absorbed unwilling and unready for Christ to ascend on the throne which is His due.  He alone is worthy.

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