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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Resurrection Reality

Easter Sunday nears preceded by Good Friday, it's time to consider the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is such a magnificent truth that it's worthy of pondering often and deep.  Jesus overcame death. His physical body was raised from the dead by His Father.  No other religion but orthodox Christianity can make such a claim about its founder.  Jesus sits forever on His throne at the right hand of God.  He has a body of flesh and blood. A body scarred by the nails driven through His hands and feet which is a testimony to the kind of death He suffered on the Cross.  Yet that body is now glorified and will be throughout all of eternity.

The resurrection makes us think of our own demise.  Does the body stay forever in the grave?  Does it decompose never to be used again?  Not according to the Word of God.  It will one day be resurrected.  The spirit lives on after death.  Its destiny is one of two places--heaven or hell. The Bible knows of no other choice.  At the Return of Christ all bodies will be resurrected.  Some are hell bound and others are heaven bound.  Contrary to some religious systems there is no Catholic purgatory There are not three degrees of glory as dictated by Mormonism. There is no reincarnation of the eastern religions. Resurrection Sunday should makes us soberly reflect on that reality. Where will your resurrected body be for all of eternity?

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