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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Minor Miracle

Today my family went to visit my Dad who is in an Alzheimer's unit nearby.  My two brothers are here from out of town. They, along with my sister and Mother, went to visit this afternoon.  I haven't seen my Dad so alert or animated in a very long time.  He even was naming the people in some photos we had on hand.  He knew my brothers. He said my name. He laughed and cut up with us all.  It was a blessed small miracle from the Heavenly Father. Dad has been mute much of the time I'm there or with my Mother.  It was a glimpse of my Dad as he used to be. I am grateful for the blessing of a moment with him as he once was.

Speaking of miracles....my brother Wesley is fighting pancreatic cancer.  He's a man with a strong will and soft heart. He is one who is trusting the Lord for whatever may come.  Pancreatic cancer is a tough one to beat.  I would appreciate any of you who might pray for him.  I know it would mean a lot to him too.  Specifically pray that the tumor has been shrunk enough by the chemotherapy that the doctors can perform surgery to remove the rest of it.  Thanks be for the Body of Jesus Christ.

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