Purpose Statement

My holy ambition is to bring glory to God through the study of His Word. I am passionate about the observation, interpretation and application of God's Word in our lives.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ministry of Compassion

Today was a wonderful Resurrection Day.  I worshipped the Lord at my church through hearing His Word and praising Him in song.  After the service I was struck by the fact that pain doesn't stop in people's lives just because it's a holiday. I realized that there were hurting people among us.  A number of people came up to one young woman to encourage her.  It was a joy to watch as others went to her instead of going away as people often do.  It edified me to be in a church where believers are taught that ministry is ongoing.  Especially the ministry to the hurting. 

I'm reading through the Gospel of Mark and have been impressed by the compassion of Christ. He didn't let the fact of the Sabbath stop Him from helping the hurting. The religious hypocritical leaders judged Him for it.  He ministered anyway. Jesus was about healing the broken hearted.  He never downplayed their sin but He offered them the Way out.  He is the way, the truth and the life.  He gave that life 2000 years ago on a Cross to die for the sins of the elect.  He transformed the world then and He is still doing it now.  His Spirit lives to help the hurting.  We, the church, are the temple of the Holy Spirit. He uses us to minister life to the dead, help to the hurting and freedom to those in bondage to sin.  What a glorious opportunity to reflect God to those around us.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Neglect of the Spirit

Francis Chan wrote a book entitled "The Forgotten God." It's about the Holy Spirit the third member of the triune Godhead.  I haven't read it but I have been convicted about my own lack of acknowledgement for the work of the Holy Spirit in my life. Two areas of the Holy Spirit's influence are guidance for the believer and the ability to overcome sin.  It is the Spirit who indwells every true believer that makes us able to have victory over the sin that besets us. It is the Spirit who guides our days and oversees our paths.  It's interesting to me that I pray to the Father and to the Son but never to the Holy Spirit.  It's as though He is indeed the Forgotten God.

I know many reformed people are concerned about some of the charismatic excesses that are far too prevalent. Christians can neglect the Spirit but they also can so emphasize His work that we fail to acknowledge the Father and the Son.  Believers attribute manifestations that are more from the flesh or even the enemy to the Holy Spirit. I remember being in a charismatic church where a woman was barking like a dog intermingled with insane laughter.  It made my flesh crawl and my spirit cringe.  There is a balance in the trinity that the Bible emphasizes. Each member is fully God yet operates in different ways in a believer's life.  It's a hard balance to maintain at times but through consistent study of God's Word and wisdom to discern there never need be any Forgotten God.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Christian Job Description

I am memorizing Romans 12: 9-13. I think it is a good example of a Christian "job description." I figured that out when I started to look at the verbs and gerunds in the passage.  If you are needing help (like apparently I did) to discover what it is believers are to do--looky here:
  • Let love be without hypocrisy
  • Abhor what is evil
  • Cling to what is good
  • Be devoted to one another in brotherly love
  • Give preference to one another in honor
  • Don't lag behind in diligence
  • Be fervent in spirit
  • Serve the Lord
  • Rejoice in hope
  • Persevere in tribulation
  • Be devoted to prayer
  • Contribute to the needs of the saints
  • Practice hospitality
I think that makes short work of it.  Don't think the job is for rookies. It takes time to mature in the faith and for the grace of God to grow in our lives.  Yet we are responsible too.  We must know what to do and then ask the Lord to give us the strength, wisdom and power to obey Him.  This will keep you busy for awhile I presume.  I know it will me.  As you were....

Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Sobering Reality

I spent some time this evening at the deathbed of a dear sister in the Lord.  She has only a few hours or perhaps days here on earth.  While at her side I read a devotional about her heading to the shore of heaven.  The side of the deathbed is a sobering and solemn place to sit.  Some once said that death is the great equalizer. Unless and until the Lord returns for His own at the rapture, we must all pass through the veil that is our earthly demise.

The Christian has much hope.  For we know that we will live after our earthly life.  We will forever be with the Lord. It is a particularly comforting truth at this time of year. My former BSF teaching leader called the resurrection the bedrock of Christianity.  So it is. Without a resurrected Christ we have just another dead religious leader or philosophical teacher.  Christ overcame death. 

The butterfly has traditionally been the symbol for the resurrection through the decades of the church.  Just like a caterpillar that enters a cocoon, Christ entered the tomb.  Neither remain. The caterpillar emerges as a beautiful butterfly. Christ emerged from the tomb after three days. He conquered all. He is risen.  He sits at the right hand of the Father forever interceding for the saints.  Praise Him. He is risen indeed! The deathbed for a believer is nothing but an open door to an eternity with the living Savior. Soon the cancer currently taking my friend's life will be dead. She, however, will be more alive than ever!

An Encouraging Word

In the last couple of weeks I've gotten phone calls and notes from people I haven't heard from in a year or two.  I was on their minds so they called or wrote.  I can't tell you what an encouragement it is to hear from them.  The song says "Where seldom is heard a discouraging word..." That should be for believers too.  Scripture calls us to encourage one another. Hebrews 10: 24-25: " and let us consider how to stimulate one another to love and good deeds, 25 not forsaking our own assembling together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another; and all the more as you see the day drawing near."  With every day that passes the day of Christ's return is nearer.  Let us not fail to reach out to one another and stimulate them to good deeds.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Shout Out for Home School Moms

Yesterday it was the school program at BSF. This morning I spent about three hours helping a mother of seven (four still at home) school her children.  I had a great time.  There is a coach / teacher person inside of me waiting to emerge. We studied science this morning and read about frogs. I'm a "tadpole teacher" of sorts. I've heard about home school for a long time especially so since my coming to Calvary Bible Church.  I had very little, if any, experience actually being a part of the process.

I have helped children with homework before but this was different. It was kind of like diving in the deep end. I loved it.  It made my heart glad to hear mother and son learn the grammatical principles related to pronouns as objects of prepositions. (That's fodder for another post!). I loved listening to the kids read and helping with the math. I learned the differences between frogs and toads. I heard that Albert Einstein was ridiculed as a school boy. I did some math problems and got the right answers.  Okay it was fourth grade math so no big deal. The eldest son was studying physics. I told him he was on his own...

Okay I digress. I saw a brief moment of the effort it takes to home school children.  I have a far greater appreciation for the parents who do it day in and day out.  I especially have much respect for the fact that often there are six, seven or eight children in a family. I imagine that like most things it gets a bit easier as you do it more.  By the time you get to the last child, it perhaps does feel like a breeze. Anyway, here's a shout out for home school Moms.  You rock.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Spiritual Tapout

Tonight I served as a volunteer BSF with the school program. I was in the room with the first and second graders. The lesson was about Jacob wrestling with God. The teaching leader for the class mentioned the UFC and the tapout.  A tapout is a method in which a fighter submits to his opponent by tapping his opponent, himself or the mat. Verbal tap outs are also allowed. Jacob after wrestling with God all night "tapped out" and held on until God blessed him. It was then that God changed his name from Jacob which means cheater to Israel which means prince.

God desires His children to "tapout" often with Him.  I've been fighting God for some time now.  I think I finally have tapped out.  His way is better, brings more joy and allows for a settled peace in your heart. It's funny how there can be overt sins and sins that are hidden until God chooses to reveal them.  I've been in a dark valley for some time but believe that God is working in my heart to correct some long standing sin. Sins I just didn't see because they were so habitaul.  How faithful He is to work out our salvation in our hearts.  A verse that I continue to hear and one that gives me hope happened to be the memory verse for the children tonight.  It's Hebrews 12: 11:
"All discipline for the moment seems not to be joyful, but sorrowful; yet to those who have been trained by it, afterwards it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness."

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Personal Update

Many or most of you know that I had the second cataract surgery this past week. It truly has been miraculous in terms of the clarity of my vision.  Those who had the surgery have told me that it would amaze me Indeed it has done so.  I can see the leaves on trees with such detail. I see the makeup of a sidewalk like never before.  I've been wearing glasses for 50 years and now I am free of them.  I pray that the vision lasts this good for a long time.  I am grateful beyond measure and it's fun to be able to wear regular sunglasses.

There is a comparison with our spiritual eyes.  A good friend has told me often that others will have the faith for me until I can see through my own spiritual eyes.  The past weeks my spiritual vision has improved some as I see Jesus Christ for who He really i as revealed in His Word.  I struggle to overcome my own invention of a God that is based on my feelings and experiences.  It is imperative to worship the Lord found in His Word.  I look forward to the clarity of vision that I pray comes in time as I immerse myself in His Word, allow His Spirit to fill my life and surround myself with His people.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

For the Love of Christ

I'm reading a book called "Gospel Centered Discipleship" by Jonathan Dodson. He speaks of the concept of religious affections. Jonathan Edwards wrote much about religious affections.  Essentially such true affection is a genuine adoration of God that results in changed lives. We love the Lord therefore we obey His commands. Only true believers can have such a love for Jesus Christ.  The unbeliever remains hardened against the things of the Lord.  The result of such a love for Jesus Christ is joy.  It is an eternal, wondrous and marvelous joy in knowing the Savior and tasting to see that He is good.

Dodson writes:
" The gospel changes our motivations; it is an altering of joy. In Christ, we secure a new heart, capable of untold and altogether superior joy.  Religious affection, then, is a gospel motivation because it is a new taste for God that arises from His work of new creation.  Affectionate faith in Jesus is the gift of the gospel...We possess the strength to deny sinful pleasures because of our delight in a superior pleasure."

Friday, March 22, 2013

Crucify or Release Christ

A friend of mine from BSF sent me a packet of sermons written by her father.  The first is entitled "To Crucify or Release."  He lists some ways we can release Christ into the world today.  First, "We can release Christ into our world of strife, by loving as He loved."  Second, "We can release Christ into the life of the church through courage like His own." Third, above all "it is within our own hearts that we crucify Christ or release Him daily.  It is all very well to speak of releasing Him into the world, or releasing Him within the church. But first we must unchain His hands in our own lives."

Our own hearts form the hardest of places to release Christ.  We will either worship the Lord and bring Him glory or we will worship ourselves.  One or the other is on the throne of our hearts at all times.  Unfortunately I've realized that much of the time it's me on the throne and not God.  I am self focused and self absorbed unwilling and unready for Christ to ascend on the throne which is His due.  He alone is worthy.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Resurrection Reality

Easter Sunday nears preceded by Good Friday, it's time to consider the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is such a magnificent truth that it's worthy of pondering often and deep.  Jesus overcame death. His physical body was raised from the dead by His Father.  No other religion but orthodox Christianity can make such a claim about its founder.  Jesus sits forever on His throne at the right hand of God.  He has a body of flesh and blood. A body scarred by the nails driven through His hands and feet which is a testimony to the kind of death He suffered on the Cross.  Yet that body is now glorified and will be throughout all of eternity.

The resurrection makes us think of our own demise.  Does the body stay forever in the grave?  Does it decompose never to be used again?  Not according to the Word of God.  It will one day be resurrected.  The spirit lives on after death.  Its destiny is one of two places--heaven or hell. The Bible knows of no other choice.  At the Return of Christ all bodies will be resurrected.  Some are hell bound and others are heaven bound.  Contrary to some religious systems there is no Catholic purgatory There are not three degrees of glory as dictated by Mormonism. There is no reincarnation of the eastern religions. Resurrection Sunday should makes us soberly reflect on that reality. Where will your resurrected body be for all of eternity?

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Our pastor briefly mentioned the rapture in his sermon this morning.  As in unless or until we are raptured. Tonight I heard a program speaking of the Daniel prophecy of the seventy sevens.  He believes that the rapture may be soon and very soon.  We are commanded to look up and be on the watch for the return of the Lord. Some believe that the Bible teaches that the Lord meets us in the air in a nanosecond or the twinkling of an eye.  Christ calls all who belong to Him home to heaven.  The dead in Christ rise first and we who are alive follow.

I read of a team bus crash for the Seton Hall ladies lacrosse team. The pregnant coach and the bus driver all died as a result of the accident.  It always makes me think of how quickly our lives here on earth can end.  We never know when our time of death may come.  The Lord states that our times are in His hands.  He determines the day of our conception, birth and death.  Unless He returns for His people at the end of the church age.  Marantha Lord Jesus....

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Iron Sharpens Iron

This morning I got to my church at 7:30am to help set up for a women's fellowship. The parking lot already was busy.  It confused me for a second and I thought maybe it was later, much later, than I expected it to be.  When I got into the fellowship hall it was such a blessing to see 20 or so men joined together for prayer and Bible Study.  These guys got up early on a Saturday morning--the one day they could sleep in--to come and learn how to be better leaders for their families.   Warmed my heart immensely to be made aware of it.

Biblical accountability is so important.  These men call it iron sharpens iron from Proverbs 27: 17.  However it is referenced it is so vital to have people in our lives that can call us out on our sin and encourage us when we are pleasing to the Lord in our actions and attitudes.  The body of Christ desperately need one another especially in these difficult last days!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Church Community

I've been thinking a lot about the concept of community.  Tonight I spent the evening at the assisted living facility where I volunteer.  They call themselves family. They do spend more time with each other than with their biological family members.  I'm glad to be a part of it.  But there is a significant lack of a deep fellowship.  We don't pray with one another.  We don't encourage one another with God's truth.  We don't hold each other accountable.  We don't do any of the one anothers mentioned in the Scripture.  You'll find that only among the community of Christian believers.

God intends for us to be in unity if we know the Savior. He wants us to obey the one another commands.  We should be known by our love for one another.  Satan loves to brind disharmony and disunity.  He particularly loves it in a local church.  That's why we must fight against anything that ends in discord. We need to be quick to forgive and quick to restore the peace.  Praise God for His body.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Scripture Cards

Most of you are likely thinking of memory verses on index cards, Those are called Scripture cards.  But tonight I was re-reading some of the greeting cards I've gotten through the year. I was blessed immensely in that almost every card came with a verse or more on it.  It was so edifying to read not only the printed words but the hand written verses of encouragement.  My family has teased me in the past for saving every greeting card I get.  Tonight when I had a case of "the lonelies" it was helpful to be reminded of how many people really do care.  Many of you probably already send cards with Bible verses on it. If not, let me encourage you to do so. It is a double blessing.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Best Burger Ever

Sister Frances and I were running errands and time got away from us.  It had something to do with finding a green shirt for St. Patrick's Day. I digress.  She missed her dinner at the assisted living facility so she mentioned that hamburgers were half off at Dutch's near TCU.  Well, we weren't near TCU and my flesh reared up on the inside--where God can see--and I stayed sweet on the outside. Sweet as in smiling and talking through some gritted teeth kind of sweet. So we went to Dutch's for dinner.  Indeed the burgers were half off.  It was also the best hamburger I've ever eaten.  Much of it had to do with the buns which are imported from Houston.  It's not that the owners aren't Fort Worth friendly but it does have everything to do with none of the Fort Worth bakeries make such things.  Anyway another lesson learned.  Relax, trust God with my day and let Sister Frances pick the eating places.  Thus far she's done very well.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Sister Lessons

It's been interesting for me to drive sister Frances around town.  Of course there is the Mass that she attends daily. I don't drive her to every Mass but have learned the locale of three Catholic Churches, one Catholic School and a covenant of retired nuns.  I'm learning more about the Catholic Church by listening to her stories.  It saddens me mostly but on occasion I am hopeful that perhaps some Catholics have truly come to believe in faith alone by God's grace alone in Christ alone.  I see their rituals and hear their religious traditions and it grieves me for them.  All the dead works done to dead saints with the reality that Jesus Christ could set them free once and for all.

Pastor Brent gave such a great sermon on how we cover up sin this past Sunday.  I thought about all false religions and how they subtly and at times blatantly steal the truth.  They cover up their sins in many of the ways about which Brent spoke. Sister wears a ring on her left ring finger and has done so for over 60 years. She wore it since she took her perpetual vows.  I didn't really understand all of the steps to becoming a full fledged nun. So I admit I don't know a perpetual vow from any other kind.  I just know that she is somehow married to Christ.  I pray for her that she, if not already, becomes a part of the Church, Christ's true bride. There is much in common between Catholicism and the Mormonism which I knew as a child.  God has put this Protestant and Catholic together in a small Kia Rio for about 20 hours a week. It should get very interesting.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Benefits of Quiet Time

I am reading a book called "Feeding Your Soul...A Quiet Time Handbook" by Jean Fleming.  She lists several benefits of quiet time.   Here's her list. Most are self explanatory but Ms. Fleming makes a very biblically sound reasonable approach to the idea of quiet time.

Quiet Time is Your:
  • "Extricating" Place
  • "Renewing" Place
  • "Setting" Place
  • "Identity-Shaping" Place
  • "Remembering" Place
  • "Reason for Existing" Place
  • "Knowing God" Place
  • "Intimacy with God" Place
  • "Building and Molding" Place
  • "Putting Off and Putting On" Place
  • "Food and Fellowship" Place
  • "Listening" Place
  • "Refocusing" Place
  • "Repenting and Rejoicing" Place
  • "Healing" Place
  • "Peace and Perspective" Place
  • "Hope Reviving" Place
  • "Only Sure Relationship" Place
  • "Question Asking" Place
I've confused study time with quiet time far too often.  Quiet time is for the personal interaction with the Lord involving the mind, body, heart and soul. Quiet time ends in intimacy with the Savior.  Study time usually appeals to the mind and ends in knowing more about Him. I've spent many years studying but in all honesty much less time knowing the Savior on a personal basis. There simply is no substitute for that.  Our God is a living God who is willing to fellowship intimately with all who will call on Him.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Down Day for Sister Francis

Today Sister Francis and I stopped by her house that she and Sister Maggie had rented for 30 years. It is owned by the Community of Sisters of Charity in San Antonio.  Most of the expensive important stuff had already been moved to the assisted living facility.  However, someone broke into the home and ransacked it. They stole a computer, some printers, brand new sleeping bags and rifled through some personal papers that may have enough information for identity theft.  She spent about 8 hours waiting for the police and insurance people to make their reports. It was a long day for her.  She had already been stolen from on a number of occasions by someone close to her.  Sin is selfish at its root.  All the inconvenience she went through just because some thugs thought it okay to steal someone else's stuff.

I've been convicted of the selfishness of sin in my own life.  At its core sin says I matter and no one else--including God--doesn't.  I've seen it in my own life but today was a painful reminder of how vile sin is to God and to others. Lest I come across as too judgmental I am fully aware of my the depth of my depravity. I recognize that but for the grace of God there go I.  I have to say I long for the day when sin is no more.  The day when Christ is ruling from His throne and the redeemed are singing His praises.  Those who have not accepted His sacrifice on the Cross for them will be outside of heaven.  Believers have been delivered from the penalty and power of sin and we await the day when the presence of sin will be forever banished.  Marantha Lord Jesus. Please pray for Sister Frances...she needs it right now.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Minor Miracle

Today my family went to visit my Dad who is in an Alzheimer's unit nearby.  My two brothers are here from out of town. They, along with my sister and Mother, went to visit this afternoon.  I haven't seen my Dad so alert or animated in a very long time.  He even was naming the people in some photos we had on hand.  He knew my brothers. He said my name. He laughed and cut up with us all.  It was a blessed small miracle from the Heavenly Father. Dad has been mute much of the time I'm there or with my Mother.  It was a glimpse of my Dad as he used to be. I am grateful for the blessing of a moment with him as he once was.

Speaking of miracles....my brother Wesley is fighting pancreatic cancer.  He's a man with a strong will and soft heart. He is one who is trusting the Lord for whatever may come.  Pancreatic cancer is a tough one to beat.  I would appreciate any of you who might pray for him.  I know it would mean a lot to him too.  Specifically pray that the tumor has been shrunk enough by the chemotherapy that the doctors can perform surgery to remove the rest of it.  Thanks be for the Body of Jesus Christ.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Compassionate Christ

I am reading through the Book of Mark for my quiet time in the mornings.  I'm in Chapter 1: 19-34.  Here we see Jesus teaching, healing and delivering people from demonic influences. The passage says He did so with authority and the people were amazed.  Christ has all authority for He is the Creator of the universe.  He sustains every molecule by His power and majesty.  We also see the compassion and mercy of the Lord too.  His is not an arbitrary or whimsical grace. His is a loving sovereignty.  Jesus ministered to the hurting multitudes as both Son of God and Son of Man.

One of my struggles has been to see God as He reveals Himself to be in His Word. In particular to acknowledge that He is a loving and compassionate God.  I grew up in a religion where that god demands obedience.  If you don't obey He withdraws His favor. Legalism is no stranger to me.  In my former religion even caffeine was taboo.  Temple attendance was mandatory and the rituals done there were obligatory in order for that you might become God someday.  What a refreshing difference the biblical God is from the god of my childhood!  Praise Him for His mercy, grace and compassion.

Monday, March 4, 2013

The Joy of the Lord

I went to BSF tonight.  We had a fellowship before the study began and were informally sharing some things.  One member quoted Dr. Erwin Lutzer: "When God gives a command it is so your joy may be made complete."  I was some stunned by that.  I've been choosing rebellion and refusing to spend quality time with the Lord.  Yet I wanted joy.  How foolish for me to think that I can get joy through my own devices and not through the commandments of God. I've been preferring broken cisterns rather than the true God.  Jeremiah rightly warned: "For My people have committed two evils: They have forsaken Me, The fountain of living waters, To hew for themselves cisterns, Broken cisterns That can hold no water." It certainly is a desolate place. Such unbelief hinders the Spirit of God and hampers any witness of Jesus Christ.

James 4: 8-10 gives much hope. "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded. Be miserable and mourn and weep; let your laughter be turned into mourning and your joy to gloom.  Humble yourselves in the presence of the Lord, and He will exalt you."  So does the whole of the Old Testament. We are studying Genesis in BSF and II Samuel in Sunday School. Both books display a gracious and merciful God ready to forgive even the sins of murder and adultery.  What a Savior we have!   What a loving Father who undertakes to discipline us so that the fruit of righteousness may be made clear in our lives.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


I wanted to entitle this post the mystery and miracle of providence but decided simply to call it "Providence."  Miriam's Dictionary Definition of PROVIDENCE is "1a often capitalized : divine guidance or care b capitalized : God conceived as the power sustaining and guiding human destiny."  Essentially in the mystery of God events come together in a supernatural way.  Usually people are aware that God has done something and guided their lives at a particular time for a specific reason. However, God's providence is manifest and people often don't realize or recognize it.

There were three situations where I believed His providence was at play.  One was a phone call between a friend and my stepmother. A second instance relates to a very close friend who was quite ill and needed to be taken to the hospital via ambulance yesterday.  A number of events came together that only God could have orchestrated.  The third instance is God has answered a prayer of mine this week through the Scripture. The same verse has come up in about five different settings.  It is a direct answer to my concern and it seems as though the Lord is guiding.  You have to be very, very careful about applying the passage correctly. I do think it very interesting that this same passage continues to occur from a variety of sources.. 

I find Providence very comforting. It confirms that we have a loving, good, omnipotent and wise Heavenly Father who orchestrates the minutia of our lives.  There is a tension between our planning and choices and His divine intervention.  In all three cases things have worked out well. People were comforted that a personal God cares for His children and is involved in all matters pertaining to their lives.  Praise Him.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hard to Soft Soil

Yesterday Sister Francis had some landscapers transplant her "Knock Out" roses from her home to the assisted living facility.  We watched as the men positioned the plants and began digging.  Typical of Texas soil the top layers were literally rock hard.  The men had thin shovels with a rather pointed blade.  It took quite a bit of time--most of the time--to break though the hardened top layer.  Sister asked the men if watering the holes to be dug would help. They replied that soon they would get to softer ground and the digging would be much easier.

The scene reminded me of what the Lord has to do to convert a soul.  He uses the Law to hammer at our hardened hearts convicting us of our need for a Savior.  Once we acknowledge our sinful condition (which we can only do by His saving power).  He replaces our hearts of stone for a heart of flesh.  Once those guys broke through the top layer the rest was fairly easy. They knew the roses would grow best in the softer and deeper soil.

The next step was to plant the rose bushes in the freshly dug holes.  They dug down deep so the roots would go down deep too.  Something much easier in the softer soil. It reminded me of the fruit of the Spirit. The deeper the roots go into the soil the more the fruit and the better its flavor.  In a believer's life the soil is the Spirit of Christ and the deeper we go with Christ the more fruit is revealed.  May we all allow the roots of the Spirit to penetrate our hearts so we yield an even more abundant crop of spiritual fruit.