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Monday, March 11, 2013

Sister Lessons

It's been interesting for me to drive sister Frances around town.  Of course there is the Mass that she attends daily. I don't drive her to every Mass but have learned the locale of three Catholic Churches, one Catholic School and a covenant of retired nuns.  I'm learning more about the Catholic Church by listening to her stories.  It saddens me mostly but on occasion I am hopeful that perhaps some Catholics have truly come to believe in faith alone by God's grace alone in Christ alone.  I see their rituals and hear their religious traditions and it grieves me for them.  All the dead works done to dead saints with the reality that Jesus Christ could set them free once and for all.

Pastor Brent gave such a great sermon on how we cover up sin this past Sunday.  I thought about all false religions and how they subtly and at times blatantly steal the truth.  They cover up their sins in many of the ways about which Brent spoke. Sister wears a ring on her left ring finger and has done so for over 60 years. She wore it since she took her perpetual vows.  I didn't really understand all of the steps to becoming a full fledged nun. So I admit I don't know a perpetual vow from any other kind.  I just know that she is somehow married to Christ.  I pray for her that she, if not already, becomes a part of the Church, Christ's true bride. There is much in common between Catholicism and the Mormonism which I knew as a child.  God has put this Protestant and Catholic together in a small Kia Rio for about 20 hours a week. It should get very interesting.

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