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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Who Are You Trusting God or ?

I was at church today helping to take down the holiday decorations. A close friend and I were talking about her children.  She has two daughters still at home.  The older one went to spend a week with her older brother and his wife who just had a baby. The younger daughter has never stayed in her bedroom alone.  She was scared. She talked to her Mom about it. I loved my friend's counsel to her last child.  "Who are you trusting in God or (her sister)."  What an excellent question to ask ourselves as we ferret out relationship idols.  Women have a tendency to seek from others only what God can provide. We want others to be only what He can be to us.

We can go too far the other way and refuse to fellowship. It's the "Jesus and I" mindset. It's equally deadly to the spiritual life. God has set us in local churches who serve as a nuclear spiritual family.  We need one another in order to be able to obey the one another commands.  We can be unbalanced in both directions. We lean too heavily on people and not on the Lord. That's why it is good to ask ourselves occasionally "Who Am I Trusting In God or?"  The young girl found out who she truly trusted when her sister was gone.  We often discover the existence of an idol when God removes it.  It's much harder to have the Lord remove the idol than it is if we voluntarily give it up.  Of course that means that we must examine our own hearts frequently to be able to spot the idols in our hearts.

Speaking of the one anothers.  There were three of us putting plastic containers of various sizes in the church attic.  One person was in the attic area where the Christmas decorations are stored. She arranged the boxes. I was pushing them up the ladder. A young (and strong) pastoral intern was moving them from the top of the ladder over to the attic area.  We got done in an amazing short time. The work was much easier. I think our system resembled what it looks like when the individual body members work in unison and unity.  It made an arduous task so much more enjoyable.

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