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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Here Comes The Judge

I've spent my day listening to what some people think is fun, lively and good.  As I listened to some second hand stories very briefly--I had to cut some of them off quickly--I realized just how much I take any of my holiness for granted.  It's very easy for me to view my own heart in a better light than the hearts of those surrounding me.  As I listened to the people share, my initial reaction was a smug, religious, self sufficient legalism that is really quite ungodly. Why I would never do (fill in the blank).  But as I rode home this evening the harsh reality is that I am very capable of doing (fill in the blank) if I didn't belong to a great God with great grace for such a sinner.  In fact, it is particularly hypocritical given these past few months and my own personal struggle with my sins.

Patronizing the unchurched seems so natural to me at times. That's what I was doing most of the day.  I deemed their activities were sinful, ungodly and unbiblical.  And they were. But there was a heart issue that I had to face.  I was putting them down, elevating myself and certainly not pleasing the Lord in any of it. I judged them.  That's a role none of us hold. The only One with the right to judge motive, heart and attitude is the Lord Jesus Christ.  Until then, I need to repent of my self righteousness and respond to those outside the church with grace, love and mercy.  Judge not that you be not judged.  In other words take the huge log out of your own eye, Wendy, before you go hunting for specks in someone else's eyes.

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