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Friday, January 4, 2013

God of Order

I've helped a lot this week in undecorating from the holidays. There could have been a lot of chaos but in each case the person in charge was very methodical in the way things were taken down and packaged. It will make next year so much easier and better to decorate. I've helped decorate after someone has just tossed everything in storage whether it's a closet, storage unit or attic. It was a living mess. Ornaments were broken, lights were tangled, wreaths had tape all over them, candles were chipped and it seemed to be such poor stewardship. This year great care was taken to protect the decorations and to label them carefully.

Our spiritual lives can be like that. We shove all sorts of sins in closets or attics hoping just to get them out of sight. We don't remember or perhaps realize what the mess will be like in a year.  As a person who did it the wrong way I want to encourage you not to be deceived and think that all is orderly and well when it's not. God is a God of order not chaos.  We may want to tuck things away but He won't allow it for long.  He is committed to His children and the goal of holiness for their lives.  He will shine the light and open the storage unit door.  He'll straighten out the mess but it takes time and a lot of effort. It truly is much simpler to handle things correctly which means biblically in the first place. 

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