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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Remember the Rebar

A good friend and I were talking today about the cracks in her swimming pool, her deck and even her driveway. Part of what the crew discovered when they were fixing the problem is that there was no rebar underneath to support the cement and plaster. It may or may not have stopped the cracks (the Texas Drought has something to do with it).  Rebar would have strengthened the structures however and made them more resilient and stronger under duress.

I think there is an analogy to Matthew 7: 24 to 29 when Jesus spoke of two houses one built on sand and one on rock. The rock isn't the Lord Himself in this case but rather obedience to Him.  Without the life changing application of the Word of God to our lives, we are building structures without rebar. It isn't enough to know ABOUT the Lord or His Word.  It is imperative TO know Lord and His Word.  The personal component of relationship is nonnegotiable.  Anything less is doomed to crack. Many are the lives of believers who are forgetting the rebar.

There is an interesting analogy also to the repair of the pool and deck.  First, it is a time consuming task. Second, it takes many different kinds of workers adding layer upon layer for a sound repair. Third, the climatic conditions need to be favorable. Fourth, there is a great investment to be made.  These are all true when one's life cracks apart.  It is often over a very long time that healing and wholeness occur.  It takes all kinds of gifts within the body to minister to the "cracked" member.  Third, conditions have to be favorable such as confession, repentance and a true willingness to work hard toward obedience. Finally, it takes a great deal of investment on every one's part to make the cracked whole again.

My hope is for those young believers we all know to "remember the rebar." Don't just give lip service to the Lord's commands.  Obey Him.  Don't intellectualize your relationship with the Lord but know Him personally and intimately.  Don't compromise early on by skipping the rebar or you'll pay heavily in time. Do it right the first time and avoid the high cost of cracking.

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