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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Malted Milk Balls and The Why Question

It never ceases to amaze me what competes for my heart.  Today after Pastor Brent's sermon on asking yourself the "why" question, I tried it all afternoon. We are commanded to examine our hearts and asking why we do some things helps us to discern our motive.  It can reveal some pretty ugly things.  Today I was getting impatient with Kellie my dog who wanted to lick Spirit's food bowl a while longer before we went for a walk.  "What a glutton" I thought to my self righteous self.  I ate the first malted milk ball.  These weren't just any malted milk balls either. They came from Sprouts bulk candy and the chocolate covering is massive.  All the more appeal to my gluttonous heart.

Kellie came around the bar stools and sat to get her leash on.  Now I'm past a bit of frustration and into aggravation. I grabbed two more malted milk balls as we went out the door.  We walked and I talked to the Lord.  Rather I complained to Him.  All about Kellie and her disobedience. "When's the dog going to learn her lesson about gluttony".  "Her eating habits have cost me more money and aggravation".  Blah, blah , blah. 

We came in and I had three more malted milk balls. I unhooked the dogs' leashes and polished off two more gigantic pieces of candy. Now I'm really into my thoughts about Kellie.  Then I spied my church bulletin. I remembered to stop and ask why.  Not only why the frustration and aggravation but also why my own gluttony?  The answer wasn't pretty.  It revealed just how easier my soul is captured by things of this world and not the next. How quickly I crawl up on throne and shove the Lord and Savior off.  How much I turn to the comforts of this world and forget the rewards to come in the next for those who make it their ambition to please the Savior.  Eight malted milk balls was of greater import to me than pleasing the Savior who gave His life for me.....Sobering conclusion: apparently Kellie isn't the only one with a gluttony problem.  Lesson: keep asking the why question, search your heart and repent of the sin you find within it.  Oh by the way, don't even ask me about the chocolate covered raisins.

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