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My holy ambition is to bring glory to God through the study of His Word. I am passionate about the observation, interpretation and application of God's Word in our lives.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The UPS Truck

Yesterday I was driving down Bryant Irvin Road and there was construction which narrowed the road to one lane. A UPS truck was in the parking lot of a local assisted living facility.  When he came up the driveway I immediately stopped and let him in ahead of me. As I did I wondered why.  It had to do with the UPS reputation.  They are known for being on time and frankly for their hustle. Those people are always moving and moving fast.  I guess in some small way I wanted to help them maintain what they had worked so hard to achieve.

It got me thinking about my reputation and more importantly God's.  I wondered what people think of me and if they know that I am a believer.  Just how do they see me?  Am I a hypocrite?  An angry jerk? A despairing worldling?  How people view us often determines how they respond to us.  Then I thought about God.  The most important issue we will ever face is what we believe about God and more specifically His Son.  What is His reputation in our eyes?  It is a most worthy consideration especially at this time of the year.  It could determine your eternal destiny.

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