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Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Chaotic House

A friend's house is in chaos right now for a variety of reasons.  She's working ardently to clean and organize the mess. It's not unlike the messy desk I blogged about a few days ago.  She mentioned something interesting today.  There are things that just go much smoother when someone else helps. She's used to doing things alone. I've encouraged her to ask for help from others. She's been more willing lately. Yesterday I had a chance to go help her. Not only did things go smoother but faster and with a bit more fun.  Afterward we ended up going to dinner at Fuzzy Taco's which was a treat for us both. Then we drove over to see the synchronized Christmas light show.

I've written about the need to accomplish the "one anothers" in other people's lives.  Sometimes we have to ask for help.  That's certainly true in terms of spiritual growth in holiness. We can't do it alone. God never intended for us to do it alone.  In fact, He gave us a church family, our local church home, to come along side and help each other.  I know how grateful I am for those who have come alongside me during my recent time of crisis.  I don't truly know what I would have done without them.  We all have areas of our lives that are chaotic and places we need the loving reprove from other believers.  It's nothing to be ashamed about but rather something we should embrace. One of God's means of grace is the local body.  Make sure you have one and make sure you are involved in one another's lives.  It's a great way to keep your house clean.Your spiritual house that is...

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