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Sunday, December 9, 2012

God's Providence Over A Bike Helmet

Yesterday I went to Walmart with some residents of the facility where I volunteer.  The Activities Coordinator (AC) took us in a bus and away we went to Walmart in Benbrook. It's a bit of a challenge keeping track of all the residents--one stay at home resident says it's like herding cats (ahem). Anyway, they all shop and we help them find what they need. The AC wanted to find a very specific bike helmet described to her by one of her grandsons.  Who can resist that request? She forgot all about it until we were heading back to the facility.  Unfortunately one of the ladies fell on the sidewalk of the store. We left one employee who had to fill out a bunch of paperwork and took everyone else back for lunch.

The AC and I got all the residents settled in at home and went back to Walmart.  She asked me if Walmart sold golf putters. I told her I thought they did. We found the other employee and headed for the Sporting Goods section. They did not sell individual clubs but laying atop one of the boxes containing some golf clubs was the absolutely perfect bike helmet. In fact, it was precisely as her grandson had described it.  The AC picked it up, looked directly at me and said "Look what God provided today in spite of all the trials."  We went down the helmet aisle and didn't see another one like it. I had to agree that God's providence stretches to bike helmets. I bet there is going to be one little boy on Christmas grateful that it does!

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