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Monday, December 10, 2012

God's Sovereignty

I was thinking about and thanking the Lord for His sovereign rule over creation when it was warm and toasty outside. This morning when I woke up to snow on my car and a howling north wind the murmuring began.  I dragged my arthritic body out of bed and into a hot shower. I was grateful for the grace of not only hot water, but an electric blanket to boot.  Why is it that we tend to be more grateful when we get what we want than when things don't go exactly as we like them to or as we planned?  God gives both the summer and the winter. It is part of His divine design so why do we grumble? 

I got dressed in some of my warmest clothes and took the dogs for a walk.  They were jazzed to say the least--especially Spirit. She loves the cold. Kellie runs out does her business and heads back to the warmth of her bed. As we walked I thanked the Lord for the beautiful, clear, crisp day.  Even as I cleaned the snow off my car, I was able to praise Him.  My joints hurt more and it was very cold, but I've been trying to memorize Job 23: 13-14: "But He is unique and who can turn Him? And what His soul desires, that He does for He performs what is appointed for me, and many such decrees are with Him."

Matthew Henry says of these verses:
1. That God's counsels are immutable: He is in one mind, and who can turn him? He is one (so some read it) or in one; he has no counsellors by whose interest he might be prevailed with to alter his purpose: he has no counsellors by whose interest he might be prevailed with to alter his purpose: he is one with himself, and never alters his mind, never alters his measures. Prayer has prevailed to change God's way and his providence, but never was his will or purpose changed; for known unto God are all his works.

 2. That his power is irresistible: What his soul desires or designs even that he does, and nothing can stand in his way or put him upon new counsels. Men desire many things which they may not do, or cannot do, or dare not do. But God has an incontestable sovereignty; his will is so perfectly pure and right that it is highly fit he should pursue all its determinations. And he has an uncontrollable power. None can stay his hand. Whatever the Lord pleased that did he (Psalms 135:6), and always will, for it is always best.

3. That all he does is according to the counsel of his will (Job 23:14): He performs the thing that is appointed for me. Whatever happens to us, it is God that performs it (Psalms 57:2), and an admirable performance the whole will appear to be when the mystery of God shall be finished. He performs all that, and that only, which was appointed, and in the appointed time and method. This may silence us, for what is appointed cannot be altered. But to consider that, when God was appointing us to eternal life and glory as our end, he was appointing to this condition, this affliction, whatever it is, in our way, this may do more than silence us, it may satisfy us that it is all for the best; though what he does we know not now, yet we shall know hereafter.

4. That all he does is according to the custom of his providence: Many such things are with him, that is, He does many things in the course of his providence which we can give no account of, but must resolve into his absolute sovereignty. Whatever trouble we are in others have been in the like. Our case is not singular; the same afflictions are accomplished in our brethren, 1 Peter 5:9. Are we sick or sore, impoverished and stripped? Are our children removed by death or our friends unkind? This is what God has appointed for us, and many such things are with him. Shall the earth be forsaken for us?

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