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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Amazing gRace

After church I went to lunch with a couple who are going to the Ukraine on a short term missions trip. We discussed apparel, packing, and layering in terms of what to wear on the plane.  The strategizing reminded me of the TV show the Amazing Race.  Couples travel throughout the world to various places and endure detours, roadblocks and other difficulties as they try to be the first couple to the finish line each week.  I watched the show a couple of seasons and was amazed at human ingenuity and human depravity.  Some of the folks were just downright conniving and selfish.  They were all about themselves and winning the million dollar prize at the end of the season.  I am sure the Lord wasn't pleased with my watching the TV show.

The trip to Ukraine I refer to as the Amazing gRace. The eight people leaving from my church are going at their own expense and will spend 8 days ministering to Christian Churches in the Kiev area.  They will face many different challenges including the language, food, culture and who else knows?  But they aren't traveling alone. The Holy Spirit is their ever present companion and guide.  He will empower them to accomplish whatever good works He has prepared ahead of time for them to do.  The men will preach and teach. The ladies are taking scarfs and other gifts.  All eight will edify, encourage and evangelize in the area.  There was a time when I enjoyed hearing what happened on the Amazing Race when I missed a program.  I'm much more eager to hear about all the Lord did during these upcoming 8 or 9 days as the group embarks on their Amazing gRace.  If the Lord so prompts you, please pray for them: Dan, Calvin, Russell, Debra, Rachel, Jared, Alex and Ramona are their names. Thanks.

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