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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Synchronized Lighting

Tonight I saw four houses in my parents' neighborhood with synchronized lighting. When we pulled up to the houses we dialed our radio to 95.5 which plays music. The lights on the house flash in incredible sequences to the music. It lasted about 13 minutes and was an incredible display of computer technology, human ingenuity and I'm sure tremendous coordination  requiring much planning. One of the residents explained that they start to set up the lights in September and all that was involved in order for the display to be working by Thanksgiving. It was a bit overwhelming to me to think of it.  There were huge candy canes, reindeer, and a variety of lights that looked like fireworks.

As I watched I thought of the sovereignty of God.  I was watching a light show synchronized to music that involved four houses in Fort Worth, TX.  Again it was an impressive display.  But God knows the number of hairs on the head of every person alive. He is sustaining the very universes daily. He has redemptive history in His hands and sent His Son born of a Virgin at a time 2000 years ago.  He decreed the Cross of Christ for the salvation of the elect. He knows precisely when Christ will return for His own.  He decrees all of history and puts some kings on the throne while removing other leaders from their positions. He is in abject control of all that happens. As Dr. Sproul says: "There is not a random molecule in the universe."  Synchronized was impressive but sovereignty is absolutely awesome.   

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