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Saturday, December 15, 2012

A "Sanctification" Bike

I was driving down Bellaire Drive South and saw what was for me a "one of a kind" bicycle. It wasn't a normal tandem bike because it had three wheels in a row.  Dad was riding up front on what appeared to be a normal two wheel bike. His daughter's "bike" frame was attached to the Dad's bike frame.  She was peddling normally but the front tire was missing. Her frame was somehow attached to the frame of her Dad's bike. I don't know what happened if she stopped peddling. I assume it increased Dad's load quite a bit.  Yet she could not move without the help of her Father.

It reminded of the sanctification process. Somehow the Spirit and we are responsible for the growth in holiness. It's hard to determine where grace ends and obedience begins.  The two were so meshed together that only in tandem with practiced coordination was movement possible.  The same is true with our growth in holiness. It is both a work of the Spirit but we are also called to work out our salvation with fear and trembling.  All analogies fall short when it comes to describing theological constructions but I must admit that this one did a pretty good job.  We are conjoined with the Spirit at the point of salvation. He is a very real part of our becoming more like Jesus.   Yet we are responsible to trust and obey what God commands so our "peddling" if you will is critical.  Only with smooth coordination can you get anywhere.

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