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Friday, February 8, 2013

Walking Better Changed Everything

I helped an elderly man shop in the grocery store today. We waited for the bus to come and take us back to the assisted living facility.  It gave me an opportunity to know him better.  He at one point had a neurological disorder that caused water on his brain. The doctors were able to drain it but it left him shuffling and off kilter.  He decided that he would march as he did when he was in the army.  He called out the "hup one two three" mantra to which they used to march for me.  He then said something interesting.  "Once I walked rightly everything fell into place."

I thought about how we are to walk with the Lord. Frankly I'm struggling right now.  I feel like I'm shuffling along doing as I please giving into my flesh and feelings.  I need to make a choice to march to the Lord's command.  He clearly calls us to walk by the Spirit often throughout the New Testament.  To walk by the Spirit means we have new life. It also means we do good works and obey moral commands.  We don't walk as the worldly pagan but as the believer that we are in Jesus Christ. We are to walk decently and properly not enticed by worldly lusts.  Paul calls us to be wise in times of evil days.  We are to be above our circumstances and live life in a way that reflects our true citizenship is in heaven.  May we all hear "hup, one ,two ,three" in our own heads as we walk rightly.  I'm sure everything will better fall into place for us too.

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