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My holy ambition is to bring glory to God through the study of His Word. I am passionate about the observation, interpretation and application of God's Word in our lives.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Personal Update

My sweet Spirit had a bad bout of pancreatitis but there is no malignancy or tumor.  She'll have to have a change of diet and no table scraps (they weren't much of an issue anyway. Gratefully it wasn't anything more dangerous.  I didn't get offered the part time job but the facility is keeping my application for some day shift positions that might come available soon. I am looking forward to having my vision improved through the surgery Monday morning.  I am grateful to be living in a time when they can do so much! Praise the Lord for such mercy. 

A friend and I have been reading hymns to each other as part of our mutual edification. I am grateful for my church and BSF that continue to sing some of the old traditional types of music.  There is some wonderful newer music and I have been blessed immensely by it.  Some of the older hymns have such strong doctrine in them I hope we don't lose them any time soon. 

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