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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Recipe for a Godly Marriage

I wrote this a few years ago when a close young friend of mine married.  It's based on Ephesians 5: 1-33.  Here are the ingredients:
  • Imitate God and walk as His children.
  • Walk in sacrificial love.
  • Avoid all immorality, impurity and evil talk.
  • Give thanks in all things.
  • Don't be deceived.
  • Walk in the Light.
  • Learn what pleases the Lord.
  • Expose unfruitful deeds of darkness.
  • Walk wisely and not unwisely.
  • Make the most of you time in these evil days.
  • Be filled with the Holy Spirit.
  • Make melody with your heart to the Lord.
  • Don't be foolish and understand God's will.
  • Be subject to one another in Christ.
  • Wives be subject to and respect your husbands.
  • Husbands love your wives as Christ loved the Church.
  • Be holy and blameless by the washing of the Word of God.
Make sure all ingredients are used in full. No substitutions. Mix well and add all of the above to the marriage. Start immediately and wait patiently.  Time will make the marriage even better than at the beginning.  Always rely on the Lord's strength.  Others and you will be blessed beyond measure.

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