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Monday, February 25, 2013

A Gratitude Attitude

God has convicted me in a number of ways today about my lack of gratitude.  Tonight at BSF our teaching leader suggested that we find 30 blessings--spiritual or temporal--a day for which we should express thanksgiving.  I realized that my heart is not a grateful one and that's to my own peril.  God has much to say about thanklessness and none of it is good.  I want to share some of what I'm grateful for here on the blog.  Somethings may be too personal to mention but I want to start tonight with some of the blessings God gave me this week.

  • Spirit's death was orchestrated by a sovereign God and I was at the hospital at such significant times. My vet was very helpful in guiding me through her care and trying to keep the bill to a minimum.
  • My eye was healed by God when it was leaking and I didn't have to have a second surgery to correct it. Even the ophthalmologist was surprised.
  • My family took such good care of me while I recuperated.
  • My two aunts passed into the presence of the Savior this week.
  • My church is a God centered church filled with believers striving hard after God and led by faithful elders..
  • My car still runs.
  • My friends and family care for me deeply.
  • My part time job keeps me busy, brings provision and enables me to stay connected to Sunrise.
  • I sleep well every night.
  • My eyesight is so much better with just one eye corrected and God has provided the resources for the second surgery in three weeks.
  • God has granted me the blessing of salvation.
  • God is sanctifying me.
  • God has granted me gifts for the benefit of the body that I used this week.
Maybe all who read this are in the habit of an attitude of gratitude.  I pray so.  As for me I needed the conviction and prayerfully will obey the Lord in possessing a grateful heart. 

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