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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Practicing Hospitality

Romans 12: 13 indicts us to practice hospitality.  I haven't been very good at obeying this command. Today I had five women over for a singles group meeting.  I enjoyed the time.  It took a while to prepare and clean my apartment.  (I always love it when I have company. My apartment is never so clean.)  The ladies and I prayed, fellowshipped and discussed some Bible passages with one another. It was an edifying time that hopefully brought glory to the Lord.  What a blessing it is to get together with other believers and enjoy one another.  There as a situation in which one member was graciously corrected by the others. It was done in a loving and edifying manner.  Exactly how God's Word commands us to do it.

In these days of high tech it is wonderful to get together face to face and commune. I'm not knocking the technology. I write and receive a lot of emails. Tomorrow hopefully I'll start texting if I get my phone plan changed.  I just think it nice to do things the old fashioned way by sitting down together, breaking bread and fellowshipping in the Acts 2: 40ff kind of way.  Grateful I attend a church where such hospitality is encouraged and blessed.

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