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Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Texting We Shall Go

I finally joined the 21st century and got texting today.  I probably am one of the last holdouts.  This week I also had to establish an account at my credit union on the computer to avoid costly monthly fees.  "Things they be a changin'".  I know there is nothing evil about technology. In fact there are many benefits.  But every time I take a little step or a giant leap I have a niggling thought in my head that the Antichrist must be around the corner and Jesus must be coming back soon.  I felt that way years ago when I got a debit card.   I felt that way again with my first cell phone.  Now the feeling's back.

I wonder if the prophets of old had any idea where the world would be in the hundreds of years down the road.  Here we are.  We definitely are closer than we've ever been to Christ's Second Advent. Technology or not, His return is imminent. I can hardly wait to see Him again. Heaven did get a little bit closer today with the passing of our friend and sister in the Lord, Elizabeth.  The cancer that took her life is now dead and she is more alive than ever before.  I am grateful for her life. I will miss her.  But I am so glad her suffering has ended. She is forever away from the presence of sin. I have never been more grateful for the promise of reunion and the resurrection.  Jesus Christ is our hope of glory. That sentence would be one worth texting to all my contacts.

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