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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Messy Ministry

On Wednesdays I usually have dinner at my Mom's church. We often play Mexican Train before we eat.  Today there was an uncomfortable situation that I need not describe here except to say one of the players left in tears.  The remaining players were stunned and saddened that any body's feelings were hurt. It seemed to me that there is much more to it than this singular incident.  As I sat among all the fallout of the departure I thought about how messy ministry can be.  I've been on both sides of the mess by the way.  Some times I've needed the massive grace of others around me and have been commanded by the Lord to offer such grace at other times.

There was no solution in the situation thus far. One of the ladies called the departee but got her answering machine.  Others talked to the pastor and were told it was best to pray.  As we ate there was a pall at the table for one of ours was missing and hurt. I remained quiet for the most part. Each lady offered some opinion in terms of what could be wrong but I fear there are some things that remain known to the Lord alone I've joined the group of pray-ers.  As an outside to this church, I feel my role is to intercede about the situation.  The whole experience reminded me of how truly hard ministry can be. Without the indwelling Holy Spirit to grant grace, wisdom and love; ministry is impossible. 

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