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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Home Schooled

I spent Friday morning with another home school family.  It was very much like my other experiences but I was more aware of the types of curriculum used.  This family had readers written by the Mennonites.  The 10 year old's reading was about Jesus in the Garden of Gethsamane.  It was very accurate to the biblical text.  I've been amazed that textbooks for home schooler contain such specific references to God. The science book makes frequent references to the Creator.  It is a refreshing change from the worldview of evolution.

After the Boston tragedy Sister Frances said how sad it was that belief in God was so absent these days.Children were being raised without any concept of the true and living God.  I mentioned to her that the belief in another god was even more dangerous. The false god of many major religions is a whimsical despot requiring the shed blood of others in order to gain entrance in the hereafter.   Praise the Lord that the blood of the precious Savior is what the God of the universe requires.  The blood that He graciously gave us when He sent His Son to die on the Cross.  Nothing but that blood can save a soul.

 I pray for the suspect who apparently has survived his wounds.  I pray that he turn from his whimsical, angry and violent god and embraces Jesus Christ as His Savior. The Gospel is radical enough for such a conversion.  I'm grateful that many people are training up their children in the Word of God through homeschooling  May all those who homeschool be encouraged that it is the right thing to do. Glory to the true God for people who are standing firm.

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