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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Joseph's Attitude on the Job

Last night I went to BSF.  The teaching leader taught on Genesis 39 and 40.  She said that a successful day is to stay in conscious contact with God all day.  Joseph grew so very close to the Lord.  He was aware of God's presence throughout the day.  She then asked the class how much do we grumble or complain.  Boy was I dead in the water. She mentioned that Joseph was the best slave he could be while working for Potiphar.  Work is a gift from God. It is good to work as unto the Lord and pour ouselves out for our vocation.  Joseph certainly was one to pray over his duties because Potiphar knew Joseph was a man of God.  How often do we pray at work?  Joseph was a witness to the living God.  Are we the same on at our jobs? How often in our daily conversations do we give Him all the glory?

I was very convicted this morning as I drove Sister Frances. My attitude was sinful and inside I grumbled far too much.  I had to intentionally take my thoughts captive.  I prayed throughout the day for the Lord to help me change my grumbling attitude. It improved by the end of the day but I was far from a "Joseph" for sure. Gratefully God's mercies are new every morning and tomorrow is the start of a new day.

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