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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Life is a Vapor--Remember the Dash

I have lost three aunts to death in as many months. All three were in the 80s or 90s and lived long lives as the world counts it.  There have been many others who have passed away this year thus far. How quickly the time passes. The Scripture says our lives are as vapor.  One wisp and we are gone to meet our eternal destiny. I can remember my aunts for the nearly sixty years I've been alive.   the time roared by. Someone once said that the most important thing on the tomb stone is the dash.  The dash between the birth date and date of death. It is what we do to redeem that time represented by this dash that God deems most valuable. 

I had some friends over for dinner tonight. One of them commented about a prophetically minded man who has gone home to be with the Lord. His name was Leonard Ravenhill. My friends remembered hearing him speak in person here in Fort Worth. Ravenhill spoke of wishing he didn't have to eat as often so he could have more time to share the Lord. He wished he could be freed from all earthly pursuits in order to preach the excellencies of Jesus Christ. Oh how convicting that was for me. How little I think of Him. How much my mind is occupied with temporal pursuits. Our lives are vapors. They are short even if given a hundred years here.  We choose what we are going to spend our time doing.  Remember the dash. It reflects the life. A life lived for Jesus Christ or one lived pursuing earthly ventures. The Lord determines how long is the dash. We determine how we choose to live during it..

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