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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Facing the Future

I am getting a bit unnerved by all the bad news lately. The vast majority of which is so horrific I fear violating the commands in Scripture for our speech to be edifying.  The news which I don't watch on TV or subscribe to the newspaper still creeps into my heart.  I find it somewhat terrifying what people do to one another. So it was very appropriate that our Bible Study on Monday night spoke of how to face the future.  Our teacher's main truth was: "The only way to face the future wisely is with God."
What an understatement in these days and times. I struggle to cope well as a believer and thus I shudder to think what my life would be as an unbeliever.

I was talking with a friend earlier about some things. She said she was grateful that God had sheltered her from the world's ways. I wholeheartedly agree. I wasn't as sheltered but am glad that now I restrict a lot of things I watch and hear.  Every choice we make now affects our future faith. I don't want anything in my head that doesn't speak of the glory of God. Now trust me I am far from doing that but it is my goal.  The other stuff causes much anxiety.  Genesis 49: 24 and 25 describe the Lord as "The Mighty One of Jacob", the "Shepherd", the "Stone of Israel", "God", and the "Almighty who blesses you".  That is He in whom we can put our trust. Only in knowing Him can we hope for an unshakable source of calm. Only by knowing Jesus Christ can we face death unafraid for He is our ultimate destiny.  Oh for the grace to put these truths to practice in my own life. Oh for the peace it would bring!

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