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Friday, May 3, 2013

Evangelistic Hospitality

Last night I was listening to a Christian radio talk show. The hostess was interviewing Rosaria Butterfield a former liberal lesbian that the Lord transferred from a domain of darkness into the kingdom of His Son.  Rosario was befriended by a pastor and his wife who loved her into the kingdom.  Ms. Butterfield set out to refute certain biblical claims. In all fairness she said she needed to read the Bible first. 

The pastor wrote her a letter and ended up inviting her into his home. His was not a hate letter by any means but he asked her some penetrating questions. She said that the couple didn't share the Gospel or invite her to their church but rather had her and others over for a meal.  Had they pressed the Gospel or church attendance she stated she would have run away.

I found her comments compelling.  She is well educated and savvy women  with a Ph.D. in English. She is no dummy. The couple was patient and kind enough to continually to open their home and hearts to her. As she read the Bible, they answered her questions without any prejudice.  Their heart was for her to come to know the Jesus Christ they knew.  After months of reading and studying Jesus first hand in His Word, the Spirit brought her to faith.  I think there is a valuable lesson here.  I've been guilty of shotgun evangelism where you toss out facts like a machine gun. I've pressed for church attendance but I haven't always been loving and patient opening MY heart and home.  There are other Rosarias out there to be loved. Perhaps God will direct one my way and I this time I  respond with love and truth.

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