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Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Letter to a Graduate

I wrote the letter below to one of the high school graduates this May.

 I am so proud of all you high school and college graduates.  It has been a long road but one well worth the journey.  I pray you never take for granted your home school experience.  God gave a great grace to you who are reared and taught in true Christian homes.  I’ve loved getting to know you and your family better. It is a particularly sweet blessing to me. I am grateful for how your parents have protected you and poured out their lives into yours.  Again it is a reminder to be thankful to the Lord.  Some of us didn’t have such a blessing and our lives are all the more difficult because of it.

I pray that in the days to come you continue to hold God’s Word in high esteem.  The Bible is literally the Word of God,. No other book can genuinely claim to be written by the Holy Spirit.  Its truths resonate throughout the ages.  Cling to it especially when the world seeks to pound your head and heart with its lies.  Rely on it for your every need in all situations.  God is faithful and will never let you down.  You face a world of immense deception. Satan is called in the Holy Writ as the father of lies. Even his subtle distortion is deadly. Know His Word well and filter everything you hear or read through it.

Surround yourself with godly people of all ages.  Remember those seasoned by many years can teach you much. Your close peers should be people of excellence and good repute who know the Savior.  Don’t ever compromise for it is the devil’s playground Reach back to those younger than you and serve as a role model for them.  Disciple some in the doctrines of the faith and you will solidify your own.  You won’t be perfect but to invest into another’s life reaps much benefit.  Find a solid church and commit yourself to it wholeheartedly.  Again, there is no perfect church but cling to one where the Bible is taught, the sacraments administered and church discipline is practiced. God has called His people to body life and it is there that you will find protection, growth and service.  No believer survives without others to come alongside.

Last but foremost keep your passion for Jesus Christ ablaze.  Allow nothing to come between you and your Lord.  Strive to discover and do all that is required of you.  Cling to His Spirit in times of trial and temptation.  Cultivate an active and vibrant friendship—what grace to be a friend of God!  Seek Him as you travel through life.  There is no greater source of comfort, companionship and consolation than Jesus Himself.  Shun all that grieves Him. So live that the world hates you but God is pleased.  Cultivate godliness. Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you.  There is no greater place to be than in the bull’s-eye of God’s obedience. Watch for the pitfalls of the flesh and the enemy.  The journey can be loaded with landmines.  Only Christ can guide you safely through.

I pray for you as you embark on the next step of life. God has a plan and a purpose for your life.  Do the next right thing as you go through everyday. Stay in His circle of blessing.  Reject the false and cling to what is good. May His countenance shine on your always.  In His grace, Wendy


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