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Thursday, June 20, 2013

End Time Prophecy II

To continue a few more interesting facts.  According to Ezekiel 38 Gomer which is Turkey now would join the attack against Israel.  In the early 2000s Turkey's prominent political party was pro-Islamic. An Islamic president was selected in 2007. The same passage indicates that neither Jordan or Egypt would join the attack. Both have signed peace treaties with the nation Israel. The move toward a one world religion accelerates as diverse religious beliefs come together in a world wide bid for peace.  Gather hands and sing Kumbaya

There is also a worldwide apostasy that seems to be growing daily.  I Timothy 4:1 states that some will fall away from the faith giving heed to demonic doctrines. Here in America and elsewhere pseudo-Christianity flourishes.  There are any number of errant doctrines perpetrated among the lands. Yet the Gospel is being preached to all nations.  Bible societies has given out approximately 500 million portions or entire Scriptures a year.  The Temple Institute in Israel have already created the furniture, vessels and priestly garments ready for the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple. Young men are being trained for the Levitical Priesthood

One last interesting fact is that Ancient Petra in Jordan would be a refuge for fleeing Jews during the end times. In 1994 Jordan and Israel signed a peace treaty with each other. Petra may indeed be a haven for the Jews to hide from the coming Antichrist. I. know we must be careful to not be too specific about current events and how they might be prophetically linked. I also believe that God's Word is specific and just all the prophecies were literally fulfilled in Christ's First Coming; so may those be at His Return.

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