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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

End Time Prophecy

It has been a while since I posted anything. I've been busy with three spiritual goals for myself. One of which is to love and serve others and another involves a lot of Scripture memorization.  Today I was given a pamphlet by a friend called "101 Last Days Prophecies." It was a quick read and I found some things very interesting. There were also a few facts of which I was unaware. I know there are different end times belief systems. I am a Pre-tribulation, Pre-millennial rapture person.  The promises to the nation Israel are literal as is the Book of Revelation. Dr. John MacArthur is perhaps the leading Bible Teacher who is of the same persuasion. The pamphlet data comes from eternal-productions.org.

One of the prophecies is worldwide anti-Semitism. (Deut. 28:37; Jeremiah 29:18, 44:8; Luke 21: 20-24 and Revelation 12). The Jews have been persecuted like no other.  Hitler endeavored to wipe out the race of people.  Before him were others including Haman in the Book of Esther.  It is an interesting fact that 450 out of 700 of the United Nations General Assembly resolutions condemn the nation Israel.  None have ever passed against an Arab country. Out of the 190 nations represented in the U.N. 60% of all G.A. resolutions attack one nation. It is Israel.

It is interesting also that the Eastern Gate on the Temple Mount remains closed Ezekiel 44: 1-3 indicates that Jesus Christ will enter at His Return the now sealed Eastern Gate.  Revelation also indicates that the birds of prey will eat the dead flesh of their enemies at the end of the age.  A little know fact is that Israel is the bird migration capital of the world.  Some estimate that billions of birds fly over the nation during spring and fall migrations.  I don't know who counted to billions but I tend to take their word.  Another fact of note is that The Euphrates River would dry up at one point in The Great Tribulation. The Massive Atatruk Dam in Turkey (a nation that is increasingly anti-Israel) finished in 1990 can reduce this huge River to a mere trickle.

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