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Friday, November 8, 2013

Community--High Touch / Low Tech

Tonight I was able to gather with a large group of believing women who love the Lord Jesus Christ. We celebrated the fact that God had knit a baby boy in his mother's womb.  It was good to be with the sisters to laugh, share and pray with and for one another.  The fellowship was sweet and much needed. There is nothing that can replace a smile, a hug and face to face conversation.

 I haven't been texting too long and love having the feature on my phone.  But there is a caveat with it.  It is surely high tech but low on the touch meter. Texting has its purpose. It is wonderful to let others know when you might arrive somewhere or agree to a place to meet. It can be a sweet quick reminder that a friend is praying for you.  But when it replaces in person communication I think it can be dangerous. At least it was for me.  I relied more on texting and less on touching.

I realized I was losing something that God created for humans. He means for us to be relational on a personal level.  He wants us to know and see one another. One study showed that 7% of communication is vocabulary, 38% is tone or inflection and 55% is non verbal cues.  93% of our communication is not reliant on our words.  A telephone screen leaves off a lot of what it means to be human.  Am I giving up the text feature? No indeed. But I am going to be more careful to call or visit and thus enjoy the high touch low tech means of communicating.

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