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My holy ambition is to bring glory to God through the study of His Word. I am passionate about the observation, interpretation and application of God's Word in our lives.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Biblical Accountability

If you don't have any form of biblical accountability in your life, find some. If you have people willing to get deeply involved with you and bring the Word of God to bear in your life be grateful.  Modern Christians have too often bought into the American way of independence and self sufficiency.  Such is nonsense from a biblical frame of reference. I've lost count of the "one another" commands in Scripture and frankly since the time change I'm too tired to google it right now.  One of my few readers with a smart phone do that for me will you? 

In the meantime be serious to serve one another, love another, pray for one another, encourage one another, bear with one another, admonish one another, be kind to one another and perhaps submit to one another. I think you get the idea.  We can't survive alone. I tried and the results were disastrous.  Be devoted to one another in Christian love. To do that you have to make yourself available and vulnerable.  To those who came along side me throughout my life and especially in these recent months may God bless you. I mean it in the truest sense of the phrase.  It's not just a platitude. I thank God for you. 

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